Indiegogo FAQ



  • Why aren't you paying for this yourselves?

If we could afford to fund the entire thing ourselves, we would.  Sadly, that's not the case. Many of the creative team have contributed significant amounts of their life savings to Scenes, but in order to get this film made, it's going to take more than our pocket change to pay proper wages to all parties involved.  We've put in thousands of hours, and will continue to grind away to make the best damn film we can, but we simply don't have the capital necessary to make this film without your help.

  • What will you do if you raise more than your goal?

That would be a fantastic problem to have! Our initial goal is what we need to make the most basic version of Scenes From The Underground.  It will be good, but if we were satisfied with simply being good, we wouldn't be trying to make a fifty character film with interweaving arcs taking place in a difficult to film location, trying to do something no one has ever done before.  Every dollar contributed will go towards making Scenes the best film it can possible be.

  • When will you make the film?  When will it be released?

We're hoping to begin principal photography mid October, 2015.  If all goes well, we will premiere Scenes From The Underground during the 2016 film festival circuit. 

  • Is a studio agency running this campaign with you?

Nope!  This entire campaign is being run by the Scenes From The Underground production staff.  As if we didn't have enough on our plate.

  • What happens if the movie never comes out?

If through some act of god this film is unable to be made, we'll still send you any perks we're able to produce.  For perks we can't produce if the film isn't completed (such as copies of the film, tickets to screenings), we will issue partial refunds for the part of the contribution that would have paid for the perk.



  • What if the perk I want is sold out?

Sorry about that, it's a first-come, first-served kind of deal.  You gotta get 'em while they're hot!  If demand is high, we can look into adding some more as the campaign progresses, but no promises.

  • When will I receive my perks?

As with all crowd funding campaigns, there's a chance that schedules will change, or things will fall behind.  But if the campaign is a hit and we raise our goal, we'll film in October, go through post production for the next few months, and hit the festival circuit with a killer piece of cinema.  When that happens, that's when you can expect your perks.  Also, check the dates on each individual perk.

  • Are all rewards available in all countries?

Unless otherwise specified.

  • How will you know where to send perks?

Once the campaign ends, we'll send out more details about how to get your perks, change your address, tell us your perk details, and so on.  We'll keep you in the loop.

  • What if my address changes?

Tell us ASAP.  We'll send out a detailed thing towards the end of the campaign, so we should be able to accommodate most requests.

  • What if I want more than one perk?

Knock yourself out!  We won't hold it against you if you contribute multiple times.